Bbraun DIACAN AVF Needle Set 16G

Bbraun DIACAN AVF Needle Set 16G
Product Description

Needlestick injuries are among the most common occupationalrelated

accidents in the healthcare sector. The actual hazard

potential is not caused by the needlestick itself, but related to

the risk of the injured patients contracting infections from

blood-borne viruses, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV contagions.

The considerably higher rate of infection encountered

among dialysis patients means that users in the dialysis sector

are exposed to a significantly greater risk of infection.

The use of safety needles can reduce this risk significantly.

The Diacan® S safety needle from B. Braun offers extremely easy

handling. When the needle is removed at the end of treatment,

the integrated safety mechanism means that it no longer poses

a risk to users. One distinctive feature is that the puncture

handling procedure is the same as that of standard fistula needles.

So, there's hardly any need to adapt routine workflows.

Product benefits of Diacan® S:

n Integrated safety device

n Easy-to-use

n Effective protection against needlestick injuries

n Reliable protection against infection risks

n Familiar quality and form; Diacan® S fistula needles are based

on the proven Diacan® products

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